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Rafting Bali Trip

This Bali Rafting Package will be
the longest and Wildest Bali Rafting
Trip on the Telaga Waja River.
Join our professional team for a
superb White Water Rafting
Adventure on the bali white water rafting Telaga Waja

Experience a unique and
unforgettable journey through
winding gorges, luscious jungles,
and magnificent terraced rice fields.
Paddle through breathtaking
waterfalls for unparalleled fun
on the river.

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Welcome Bali Rafting +Bali Quad is one of provider Bali Rafting and Bali Quad as Rafting has two place rafting of Telaga Waja bali,and ayung river in ubud. offer you Telaga Waja Rafting which is the most challenging rafting site in Bali. and side we also one operator rafting at ayung river who good for beginer and old man,and also we have bali quad at located in ubud can combination both this rafting at ayung and bali quad

Rafting Ayung River

On Ayung River Rafting they have many rafting company their and one of bali rafting company very famous on Ayung river that is Rafting Bali. We are since on 1998 and until now we already 14 years establish rafting activity on Ayung River. We are the longest rafting company in Ayung River. From start to finish point we are 10 km longest and we need 2 hours rafting activity on the river

Rafting Telaga Waja river

bali white water rafting atTelaga Waja Rafting becomes interesting because the location is combined with patches of green fields and hills that shelter. Those are some reasons why the Telaga Waja bali Rafting was chosen to be one start point trajectory rafting, which is very popular in Bali. Water that flowed freely with few riffles and boulders as obstacles to be a great choice for the adventurer to adrenaline as well as test your guts. Bali rafting package at Telaga Waja Rafting despite having almost 5 meters high, but it is safe to conduct rafting.

Bali Quad

Bali Quad provides you a great opportunity to explore and get closer to the beauty of Bali nature and its rural areas. Let’s have a fun on ATV ride and give yourself time to be back to the nature. Our trek is absolutely amazing and not monotone ( rice field, plantation, bamboo forest, jungle, river, villages, and picturesque panorama). Do you really want to be back to the nature while pampering your adrenaline on QUAD BIKE ? So, let join with us and create the unforgettable memories and experiences.

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